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Welcome to Mindful Niagara

We want to take a moment to personally welcome you to Mindful Niagara!

This online publication is the cumulative effort of two passionate, driven and always-willing-to-learn women from Niagara. What started as a simple idea to combine our respective talents into an online resource transitioned into this comprehensive online magazine centered around the idea of mindfulness.

And yes, we know that word is thrown around almost too often.

What is mindfulness?

To us, mindfulness is being aware of each moment – observing our thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations and simply accepting them, without judgment.

It’s working through meditation, yoga, physical activity and creative outlets to sink more into who we truly are, little by little.It’s expanding our minds and our experiences to find what strikes a chord and resonates within ourselves.

We at Mindful Niagara have noticed a rise in a kinder, gentler attitude toward oneself. We’ve experienced our own personal growth and healing and have witnessed a subtle shift in the way our peers have begun moving through their own lives. It’s an understated revolution; faint in its outward depiction but potent and compelling in its inward influence.

We aim to infuse educational, informative and entertaining stories into your daily life.

Through the personal narratives and informative content written by many people within your community, we aspire to spur the seed of growth and ever-expanding mindful perspective forward.

Take a moment for yourself today to read about overcoming personal struggles of life’s day-to-day grind; to learn more about different yoga postures and how they may offer you some personal release; to discover meditation tools and insight to carry with you throughout each day; to explore different places around the world and how each location has something entirely unique to offer; and to delve into creative outlets and discover how each original act is a gift to yourself.

But most important – allow yourself a few quiet moments to do something just for you.

Amidst all the bad news, stressful careers and busy schedules it can feel impossible to take a second to do something for yourself. But as we at Mindful Niagara know, it’s not so much about having the time as making the time for what matters most.

We’re all just trying to find our own peace and make whatever sense we can out of our lives – we sincerely hope you find something here that resonates.


- Brittany and Ashley

Do you have your own story, some insight or personal experience you want to share? Connect with us about being a contributor.

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