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Pose of the week: Mountain Pose - Tadasana

By Ashley Michelle

Mountain Pose – Tadasana (tah-DAHS-anna) Tada means mountain.

Mountain Pose is a full body exploration and experience.

It’s a standing pose which is the basis for many other standing poses.

While in a class or if you want to try this pose at home, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Begin by taking deep full matched inhales and exhales through the nose.

  • Look down at the feet and bring them about hip width apart.

*Yogi tip: bring the insides of your thumb and pointer fingers to touch, make fists with both hands and bring your fists in between your feet. Align your fists inside of your feet and bring your feet to touch the outside of your fists. That’s a fun little way to gauge hip width apart*
  • Lift all your toes up and connect each one down to the ground, one at a time.

  • Draw the shoulders up to the ears on one of your inhales and then see if you can, with the exhale, draw the shoulders down and away from the ears.

  • Feel the heart open, smile.

  • Rest: arms are engaged at the side of the body and the hands at your sides with fingertips spread wide.

  • Hug your navel towards your spine. Hug your inner thighs towards one another, sometimes referred to as drawing toward the midline. Be careful not to lock your knees, instead, offering a slight micro bend in the knees. Feel a gentle sway in the front body and a sense of connected grounding down the back body. (Don’t worry if you don’t feel this right away, it comes with practice.)

  • You can explore closing your eyes if you feel like trying something new. You may want to explore what it feels like to bring your hands at heart center in Anjali Mudra aka Prayer Position.

Jen Vince demonstrates Mountain Pose.

Possible Physical Benefits

  • Aligns the spine.

  • Opens the chest.

  • May tone the abdominal area.

  • May strengthen your foundation: the arches of your feet, your ankles and your knees.

Possible Mental Benefits

  • May help improve focus and concentration.

  • May help reduce anxiety.

  • May provide a sense of grounded, connectedness.

  • May Help develop willpower.

This is where you can really practice taking yoga off the mat and into your everyday life. Try it out while standing at the sink doing dishes or brushing your teeth. Go through a mini checklist, a full body scan if you will.

Remember to add deep breaths, focus on how your feet feel connected to the ground and how your heart feels like it is lifted and open to life and all possibilities.

Next week: Easy sitting pose - Sukhasana.

*Photos taken at The Spiritual Spa.

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