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Pose of the week: Child's Pose - Balasana

By Ashley Michelle

Child's Pose– Balasana (bah-LAHS-anna) Bala means Child

A pose of rest. A pose to connect.

While in a class, or if you want to try this pose at home, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Begin by sitting on the heels and bringing your shoulders above the hips. Take a few deeper, longer, slower breaths, feeling your spine grow long and tall.

  • Begin to bow your front body forward. You may use your hands for support as you bring your head to connect to the earth or yoga mat.

*Yogi Tip – sometimes bringing our head to connect directly to the mat is not available to us in the moment. We can bring a yoga block or two and raise the earth up towards us as we rest the forehead on the blocks. If you do not have yoga blocks, you can use a few stacked books, just ensuring that they are not stacked too high and will not tumble over.

  • Once you have the head and neck resting comfortably, you can bring the hands towards the back of the body, resting the wrists beside the ankles, palms facing up to the sky.

  • Begin taking some fuller inhalations, feeling the skin on the back body stretch. With every exhale, feeling as if you are connecting deeper into the floor below you.

  • Let the shoulders round forward.

  • Spend as much time in Child’s Pose as you need. Come to Child’s Pose often in your practice.

  • When you are ready to transition out, do so slowly and mindfully. Slide the wrists back up under the shoulders, connecting your hands firmly into your mat. Keep the chin tucked. Find an inhalation to guide your way back up to sitting on the heels. Head and neck last to arrive.

  • Arrive at center and continue to breathe until you are ready to move into your next pose.

Jen Vince demonstrates Child's Pose.

Possible Physical Benefits

  • Opens the upper back body

  • Stretches the spine, hips and ankles

  • Can help alleviate head and neck pain

Possible Mental Benefits

  • Can help calm your mind

  • Can help reduce stress and anxiety

  • Can help you return to a feeling of presents

Last week: Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana

Next week: Chair Pose – Utkatasana

*Photos taken at The Spiritual Spa

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