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Local comedian serves up online entertainment to help kick lockdown blues.

By Brittany Carter

Chaos breeds creativity and when it feels as though the entire world is in a state of panic, one local comedian is continuing his push to bring humour to the community, digitally.

“Right now, everybody needs laughter,” David Green says even though many of his upcoming events have been cancelled or postponed, including the Garden City Comedy Festival and Niagara’s Top Comic, he plans to keep working to bring entertainment to Niagara. That’s just going to look a little different than he initially anticipated.

Green won’t let social distancing dampen his call to entertain; within the first leg of this pandemic he’s emceed an online performance hosted by Mainly Niagara and WeeStreem, has begun publishing his web series online and joined several other entertainers for another livestream event this past Friday, April 3.

The first Livestream Niagara event aired over Facebook Live March 27 and included short contributions from various Niagara musicians, performers, artists and politicians, all from their own homes. It was just one of the ways Niagara’s community has stepped up to offer support, solace and entertainment amid this unprecedented lockdown.

“People are anxious, people are stressed, people are nervous, and you need to escape from that.”

Green is no stranger to stress right now.

“I'm in those stressful times today. I've lost all of my income all of my jobs and I got a baby on the way,” but he says he knows there are so many people in worse situations than he is, so all he can do is keep working and try to add some laughter to this mess.

“So, you know, we’ll do what little we can to make people laugh.”

And while he is one of Niagara’s local entertainers trying to spread some positivity through his comedic performances, he says the entire community has “really stepped up” to pull off some great shows and online experiences.

“As for other people in the community who I feel have been working on to create positivity I would say Sheri Hawkins from Mainly Niagara who has been working constantly creating events, sharing positive stories about locals and organizing drivers to deliver food around the community.”

While we can’t do anything to change our current situation, we can continue to crack jokes and collectively watch and participate in the many ways the community has banded together to bring humour and entertainment to us at home.

“Laughter is the best medicine, and obviously it's not going to cure anything, but if we can help in any way we can – that’s what we're here for.”

The World Economic Forum says being funny is possibly one of the best things you can do for your health.

“You can almost think of a sense of humor as your mind's immune system. Humor doesn't just guard against depression. It also improves people's overall quality of life,” an article published last April claims.

Green's latest videos and online events can be found at

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