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Isabelle Gargagliano provides holistic wellness with Joy Sole Vitality

By Brittany Carter

A series of substantial personal changes spurred Isabelle Gargagliano’s healing journey forward and she has been striving to further her understanding of overall wellness and healing ever since.

Her devotion to helping others manifested itself through her business Joy Sole Vitality. She provides a service helping individuals align themselves with their inner peace, true essence, vitality and health through gentle/chair yoga, meditation and chanting. She says by using holistic and spiritual tools, she aims to transform the soul to alleviate the physical pain and fear that may keep someone from living their healthiest and happiest life.

After being “humbled” by her own health issues while feeling helpless at the hands of modern medicine and frequent hospital visits, Gargagliano says she sought out holistic medicine. She began learning everything she could, not just about physical health but about our mental and energetic bodies as well. She also sought to put those teachings into action.

Now, she is a certified reflexologist, holistic/spiritual coach, yoga and meditation instructor, a crystal Reiki master, Tarot/oracle card reader, astrologist and numerologist, and an Aromatouch and Indian Head Massage practitioner.

She began her own personal yoga practice more than 20 years ago. At that time, she says she turned to yoga to offer herself some peace and release in her own life.

But it wasn’t until years later when her life really began to change. Gargagliano says she was always the type of person who wouldn’t finish things.

“I would start things and then it would get overwhelming and then I would stop,” she says.

When she enrolled in the meditation course at the Willpower Institute, she says that was really the beginning of her life transition.

And that was the beginning, my life was forever changed for the better, I started finishing things.

She remains focused on trying to reach as many people as possible. She says she will continue learning and striving to expand on her own abilities. While she has many goals to reach in the future, she says “helping others through all my modalities fills my soul and nourishes me.”

At the essence of her practice, she says she wants to help people truly know who they are.

By diving deep and offering healing services, astrology readings and wellness teachings, she says she’s really just trying to help her clients find their “inner peace and joy, connecting with their soul to their true essence, and then living life with vitality.”

“Everything I do comes from the heart … My most rewarding moments in my practice is making a difference is some else’s life. I am passionate to share what I have learned with my clients.”

Gargagliano writes the Moon Forecasts which she has lovingly agreed to share with Mindful Niagara. She can also be found at, where a more comprehensive list of the vast array of services and healing practices she offers can be found.

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