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Centre Meditation offers "approachable" meditation practice in Niagara.

By Brittany Carter

The cultivation of a strong, regular meditation practice may seem an out of reach goal, but Carey Baglieri of Centre Meditation has developed an accessible and affordable space to help enhance one’s personal practice.

She says her love for meditation stems from its ability to bring about balance and a fresh perspective; she appreciates the discipline that goes with meditation, as well as being able to carve out time for herself.

Meditation has always been a part of Baglieri’s life.

“It helped me survive, really.”

Carey Baglieri of Centre Meditation is offering a 21-day, two-minute video meditation series through her Instagram page @centre.meditation.

She intends to continue sharing her love for the practice in an affordable and approachable way. As a working mother, she says she knows it can be difficult to make time for regular meditation. Alongside her career as a manager in the mayor and CAO office of Niagara Falls City Hall, she also leads corporate meditation for the city and just opened her own studio space this past February.

As a certified meditation instructor, she’s no stranger to a full schedule. That’s why the classes she offers through Centre Meditation provide flexible plans and schedules.

“I wanted to share meditation in a way that someone like me would be able to receive it. So, what I've done is really create accessible, easy to get in touch with meditation.”

“That's how I operate. My studio is affordable, you can have as many classes as you can in a week or in a month. I wanted to make meditation easy to access.”

For Baglieri, that also means incorporating a variety of different styles along with tools and techniques to help both beginners and seasoned practitioners enhance their practice.

She has more than 20 years of experience in government, media and corporate environments, so her step toward leading corporate meditation and wellness retreats was a natural path for her. And with the onset of COVID-19 and the shelter in place measures, she’s needed to extend her reach in new ways she might not have otherwise explored.

Now, she says she’s broadening into an area she didn’t think she would have gone.

“It has forced me to focus on the community online.”

Right now she is currently working through an online series of two-minute meditations through her Instagram page @centre.meditation, “just to give people a taste of what meditation can offer, how you can expand and grow.” She’s also offering virtual sessions to members through the Coronation Centre newsletter.

And though right now it can be tough to say what the future may hold, she says she’s hopeful people can come into their own stillness and find some peace through their own practice or her virtual sessions.

“A pretty easy way to explain that is finding the space between your thoughts. So, a lot of techniques that I teach are things that help you practice finding those spaces between your thoughts and creating the space that you can get into. It’s a really beautiful thing.”

She offers an easy, one-minute meditation to help people find a quick moment of stillness.

Five things you can see.
Four things you can hear.
Three things you can touch.
Two things you can smell.
One thing you can taste.

“And you close your eyes. So, you literally just do a five, and you’re engaged in the moment because you just acknowledge your surroundings. There are so many ways to just be mindful and incorporate meditation into your life."

Baglieri’s sessions and more about what she offers can be found at

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